Today, many organizations and governments offer their services in a rapidly changing environment. This has created demand for highly-educated professionals with the right knowledge and skills in the area of Service Management. To meet those changing demands, the International Foundation for Digital Competences (IFDC) launches VeriSM™, a new Service Management approach.

The field of Service Management is changing quickly as the industry shifts towards digital transformation, evolution of new management practices and the ‘commoditization of IT’. As a result, IT and business operations are no longer separate. Organizations of every size and background require a flexible Service Management method to facilitate them in their development. VeriSM™is an approach that offers value-driven, evolving, responsive, and integrated Service Management. It is designed to enable organizations and professionals in the modern digital industry.

The IFDC (a nonprofit foundation) took the initiative to create the VeriSM™ approach and developed it in cooperation with an international team of experts led by Claire Agutter (Winner ITSMF UK Thought Leadership Award 2017).



VeriSM™ is a Service Management approach, specifically tailored to support organizations to help them succeed in the world of digital services.

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